A few days ago, I wrote about support systems, but from the perspective of dealing with the less than supportive. Today, I want to offer up a great big thank you to all of those people in my life that show their support in profound ways. Thank you to everyone who has reached out or extended their interest in my work. Words of encouragement can go a long way when we are embarking on a journey, especially when one is opening up in a raw sort of way.

It’s easy to get bogged down in life and forget that other people have their own stuff going on. We all do it from time to time. We have to take a breath and look around to make sure that we are appreciating those around us for the things they do to make our lives better. Even the tiny things like helping us move, and the giant ones like making us laugh. 😉

It’s important to show gratitude. Gratitude has been proven to be very instrumental in happiness. Not just for the person being thanked, but also for the person doing the thanking.

However, gratitude is not something we just give to other beautiful people, it’s something we should give to the universe, as well. When we can stop and appreciate our particular situation, the sun shining, a green light, a cool breeze, an adorable kitten, and so on, we give ourself an opportunity to see the good all around us. Which provides a moment of peace. A moment to be in the moment. And that is a beautiful place to be.

Gratitude is not all rainbows and kittens though. We also have to appreciate the struggle which makes us stronger. It is the line that makes us more patient. It is the missing someone that can make love deepen. We need these things. The hard times.

I’m not going to say all things serve a purpose, because sometimes the world does just suck. But some of the most creative and most magnificent humans I’ve ever met have been through some shit. They have trekked through the darkness and emerged out the other side. They were once broken plates, but are now a beautiful mosaic. So, even if they can’t appreciate it, others still can because of the art that they create, because of the patience they teach, and the example they illustrate.

Taking time for gratitude can make a massive difference in all of our lives. I try to be a person that enjoys the little moments and sees the importance in the struggle. I try to tell those around me that I love and appreciate them. I know that I am not always the best at it. But, I also try to stop and appreciate that I am not perfect, and show a little bit of gratitude to myself for trying. Why? Because it’s important we sometimes stop and tell ourselves thank you for what we do, as well.

Ps. Thank you to all of you lovely people who pop over to read my words and who have downloaded Iron Thirst. ❤️


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