Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a barely domesticated mom of two, holding down a full-time job, and a life that is a bit disjointed at the moment. I’m an addict of self-help books and am full of great ideas on how to improve other people’s lives, but struggle with my own.

I am now ready to move to the next chapter. To create a life that I love. One that includes the things that are important to me. I would love for you to join me. Maybe it will help you get to that next level, too. My goal is to share my struggles, my accomplishments, my writing, and my soul in the hopes of touching others who struggle with similar issues. In future posts, I plan to share books, music, articles, recipes, life hacks, inspiration, humorous stories, and most importantly, my truth.

The best way to live an honest life is to shine a light on your dark inner spaces by opening the windows to your soul, pulling back the curtains, and letting the world see what’s hiding inside. That is where the magic lives.

Welcome to my window!

-AJ Rhodes